Why is it that when you’re using the internet, you rarely achieve what you set out to do? Take this for a typical example of my surfing habits. Ten minutes ago I sat down to read through the Make: magazine weblog. I read an article about something-not-very-interesting and a couple of the comments. Five minutes later I realise that I have unconsciously left the Make: site and am reading about the lack of understanding the script-writers of 24 have about the blowfish cryptographic algorithm. I know nothing about cryptography, or 24 and I have no intention of blowing fish (yet). I turn into an info-maniac as soon as my browser opens, devouring whatever wanders onto my path. Maybe I should stick to the dead tree version. Maybe I have a problem.

I didn’t get chance to speak to Michael Foale, but pretty close to the subject of space farts is space poo. See this great NASA video for a demonstration of a shuttle toilet. I’m really not sure about that toilet cam. The potential for abuse is just too real.


I completed my nursery funding forms today and posted my student support notification to the GSCC. That just about concludes this round of paperwork. Phew.

There are still a few broken bits on the site, I’ll hopefully get them sorted today. It’s not like I have a right lot else to do .

There are some great pictures at the Nasa ‘Gateway to Astronaut Photography Site’. It must be a great feeling to be up there, floating about, taking pictures of the earth from above. I wonder how far a fart travels inside the International Space Station? Does it hang around in invisible bubbles waiting for the next innocent passenger? If I ever get the chance to meet Michael Foale, that’s the first thing I’ll ask him. He’s a Brit, and all Brits love farting. Fact.

Moving Forward

So, plenty has happened since I last posted. I found a house. Woo! I found it through a company recommended by a pleasant lady at a local housing association. It’s quite expensive at Β£90 per week and it doesn’t have a garden but the location is perfect for university and Alicia’s nursery. Move date is set for 3 or 4th August but it could be sooner.

My student loan stuff came through last week. It looks like they are going to give me everything that I asked for. Nursery fees are still up in the air, but the student loan company have sent me some forms and guidance material. The university nursery have written to confirm that she has a full-time place allocated, so things are really starting to come together now.

Yesterday was something of an extraordinary day, not only did I get to go to a wedding, but it was my good friend Trev’s wedding. I really never thought I would see it happen. My congratulations to them both.

We also went camping at the usual spot in Raincliffe Woods. I think we were the first group up there this year because the site was nice and clean and there was no sign of previous fires. The grass was quite well grown, which provided a nice comfy surface to sleep on. The journey back was difficult. We SERIOUSLY underestimated the distance between the site and Scalby Road. A journey that long, by foot, is never fun with a couple of under 5’s, but overall a good time was had.

It’s really feeling like it’s time to leave this house now. We have been living under the protective umbrella of my sister and her husband (my brother-in-law) for far too long and we owe them too much already. 3 weeks left!

June 2005

Well, the search for a new house is well and truly underway, despite a rather languid start. Last week I spent a few days at a friends house in Hull so that I could get around the local letting agencies. What a depressing experience. It’s not like there is any shortage of housing in Hull, but the moment you mention your going to be receiving housing benefit they can’t wait to get you out of the door. I realise that there is a stigma surrounding people on social security benefits, if anyone should know, I do. Seven years working at a housing association showed me that a lot of people that choose not to work, also choose the neglect their accommodation. I’m not one of those people!

Anyway, from today onwards I’m not going to waste a single day. I spoke to a nice woman from a Hull housing association. She said that a property advert in the Hull Daily Mail can generate between three and four hundred responses, which means that I have seriously underestimated demand. I need to stay ahead of those other four hundred people. Given the standard of secondary education in the area, it shouldn’t be that difficult.

I’ve been pointed in the direction of a company that provides student accommodation (companies that I have avoided in the past) who are said to be happy to let their small houses to private individuals. I shall start with them tomorrow.

I’m feeling quite negative about the whole experience of looking for a new house. I really could do with a little positive news to pump up my motivation. Fingers crossed for what the next week brings.

Last Night, at Nalgo Bay

Last night, in an attempt to aid revision by distancing myself from the distractions at home, I packed my camping gear and headed down to Nalgo Bay for the night. It was coming on 9.30 by the time I got down to the beach. I didn’t have very long to get set up before darkness fell but I managed to pitch the tent and get a small fire going before it was too late. My lack of foresight continued to be apparent as I realised that I had arrived just in time for high tide. I didn’t get very much (any) revision done because I was a little worried that my tent was going to float away. Luckily it didn’t and everything seems to still be here this morning.

Nalgo Bay

I woke this morning quite unexpectedly at 5.30am, which is extremely unusual for me. It seemed to me that it was quite late as there was plenty of light in the tent but when I poked my head out of the door I was greeted by the sight of the sun just peeking over the horizon. What a sight to wake up to! Despite my good fortune, I realised that it was much too early for any sensible person to be awake, so after snapping a few photos I went back to sleep.

Nalgo Bay

When I rose again at 9.30 I was greeted by another high tide. The sea was literally no more than twenty feet from my front door and the beach was empty apart from myself. I spent a lovely hour walking along the beach and taking some photo’s before packing up to come home. I thought to myself at the time that I should choose a pebble to take away with me so that when I move away I will have something to remember one of my favorite places in the world – but of course, I forgot.