Jamie Adams

Changes ahead

This evening our eldest celebrated the end of secondary school by attending Prom. Prom is officially ‘a big deal’ for teenagers. Thankfully there was no such thing as Prom when I left school. If it had I would have run in the opposite direction. Alicia, on the other hand, was very excited and choosing the right dress, the right shoes, the right hairstyle and applying just the right amount of makeup was a considerable amount of work. She chose to get ready at the house of a friend so the extent of her preparations remained a mystery us, but we were tasked with meeting her at the venue so that we could take a couple of photographs for the family album.

We dutifully stood with the other parents and watched as a series of limousines, sports cars and horse drawn carriages ejected their well dressed cargo. She arrived in a limousine, generously rented by another parent* and as she climbed out we caught a glimpse of the woman she will soon become.

We’ve done our best, as all parents do, to shield her from the worst of the real world when we could, but the protective wall must now come down. It’s impossible not to feel anxious for her, but we’re excited too. Now we get to see what she can do.

* I reserve the right to recant this statement if I get a bill.

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